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157. When someone lies to you and you know they’re lying

Special note for bloggers at the foot of this post.

Not long ago, I asked a friend if she had gotten my email because I hadn’t heard back… to which she replied that she didn’t have email on her phone.

And then I reminded her that she was the one who told me to get email notifications on my phone because they were very useful. She had also read part of an email that she got to me, out loud, while she was next to me in the car.

“But, I know you have email on your phone. What’s going on?”

“Uh. Um, not really.”

“You don’t really have email on your phone?”

She didn’t admit it that she was lying to me, but I didn’t want to push it. How do you feel when someone lies to you?



An old roommate used to disconnect the internet router because the lights bothered him at night, and one time over the phone I asked him to turn it back on, and he said it was already on.. and I even heard him stand up flick a switch, and just then the internet started working again (I knew when it came back on because I kept refreshing my StumbleUpon page).

I said “Oh, I guess it was just my laptop”

So awkward.

What are you supposed to do? Play along? I guess that’s an option. I want to know what you do. Hit me up on Twitter, or add a comment below!


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156. That moment when you realize you gave the wrong directions

I was walking around the northwestern part of Mexico with my cousin after getting some tacos for breakfast (yes, for breakfast!) when I heard a familiar phrase coming out of a car stopped at a red light: Oye, muchacho!

They were asking how to get to San Carlos, a tourist area about 15 minutes northwest from where we were. I had been there many times before, so I told them to just go straight down the road and that an intersection would take them west toward San Carlos.

There was a girl sitting in the passenger seat, it looked like she was from outside of the country, and she asked me if the road pops up on the right or the left. So of course I said LEFT because heading northbound… San Carlos is on the left… except that the exit comes up on the right side and makes a loop and heads west from there.

I realized this literally two seconds after their light turned green and they left. I gave them the wrong directions.


Awkward! No, bird! It’s the other way!

But it isn’t the first time that this happens, and no I don’t mean giving the wrong directions but instead second guessing myself. At the end of exams, after an interview, after clicking “Publish” on a blog post. I guess its a karma thing that people always give me the wrong directions. Maybe I should learn how to read maps.

Does this ever happen to you?

My dog makes it awkward at dog parks

So I took my dog to the dog park the other day.

My awkward dog

There he is taking over my bed and sleeping in it. His name is Jax, and he follows me absolutely everywhere. You’ve probably seen him on my Instagram page, back when he really needed a haircut. He’s friendly, and he likes to sleep.

He doesn’t get to hang out with other dogs very much because he doesn’t like to go outside unless he really needs to poop. And I mean really needs to poop. He runs outside, spins in circles about three times and lets the beat drop.

The thing about dog parks is that the dog owners feel like the dogs are their children and sometimes they get super protective of them. Then it gets awkward.

The dogs that enter and then drop a deuce are probably the funniest of them all. And then a chain of three dogs come by to inspect the poop and approve of it before the owner comes by and picks it up with a flimsy blue bag.

My dog might be a bully because he walks up to big dogs, or brown dogs, and starts barking uncontrollably. He also runs around in circles around it. It is really embarrassing.

My other dog, Peewee, enjoys humping other dogs and owners have walked up to him to pull him away. I just pretend he’s not mine. It doesn’t help that he’s deaf.. (oh, poor dog!)

Have you ever taken your dog to a dog park or a dog beach? Any awkward moments for me?


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