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Life and Photography

I’ve been a fan of photography for a while. I got pushed into being the “Historian” for a couple of organizations in the past, not because of my awesome ability maintain great records on paper or because I’m extremely committed to things  (since I’m probably neither), but because I take lots of pictures of random stuff.



Street photography, also known as a mild form of stalking strangers (what ever that means), is one of my secret hobbies. A street photographer attempts to capture life as it is, without fake smiles and without any poses that will make your boobs look bigger. A photographer showed me a picture of myself and a friend while we were sharing a nasty piece of tiramisu outside of a dessert place, and I felt like it really caught our personalities on a screen. I could tell he was a little nervous about letting us know what he captured, but we knew that privacy went out the window once we left our private homes and ventured into public space.



From people picking their noses, to capturing some fights about to break out, and people laughing at themselves laughing (whoa, that’s some Inception crap right there), it really calms me down. But of course, that comes with a share of awkward moments.

1. I forgot to turn off the flash on my camera one time, and it even went off with the red-eye light thing too. It was a person feeding the ducks. He quickly turned my way and adjusted his posture.. and I missed my shot. Posing ruins it.

2. An older woman called me a perv for getting down, belly-on-the-sidewalk status, in order to catch some leaves dancing around the sidewalk. I know, not very discreet on my end, but sometimes you just have to get on the ground, you know?

3. A couple of drunk girls asked me to take their photos out on the sidewalk once. So I asked for their camera, and they said they didn’t have one, and their cell phones were dead. Trying to be funny, I pretended to take out an imaginary camera and “snap” their photo. They said thank you over and over, while I just stood there, and they stumbled away. Uh, what?



All photos here, along with the ones on are taken with an iPhone 4S.

See, to be honest with you guys, things just happen. I don’t consider myself to be an awkward person.. but we all seem normal to ourselves, I guess, right? I’ve been spending a few years now searching for something that I enjoy doing for its sake. I’m actually beginning a new blog on just that: What to do with our lives.

Every single one of my friends can probably tell you that I have been wondering about purpose for quite some time. I ask them what they want out of life, I ask them about their future, about their wants and needs. It started a while ago, when I discovered what working in a cubicle actually meant. I started questioning everything and went into deep confusing and frustrating times. It has been almost 5 years since  it all started, and my eyes keep opening up.

Do I really want to live tied down to a job where I have to ask for permission to go see my family?

Will I ever be able to go out and enjoy my time on a Monday morning?

I can’t seem to focus on what I’m supposed to be doing, am I just dumb?

I watched some movies, I read many books. Took legit college courses. I bothered my friends. I talked to almost everyone who would be willing to listen. I spoke with professionals, pastors, old friends, and business owners. You’d be surprised to know how many people have also felt this way, and out of that particular bunch, you can tell the obvious difference between those who settled, and those who kept questioning and chose to follow their ideas. You probably already know which group had it “easier”.

Some of you guys have already found my new blog somehow, but it isn’t quite ready yet. I’ll still be here in awkward land, where the sun shines bright, and farts are announced with pride. I’ll actually be announcing it here on Monday morning.

Just out of curiosity, have you felt the same way? 

What advice would you give to someone in this position? (In the comments below ↓)

Happy Anniversary, Awkwardlist!


Is anyone out there?

So much stuff has happened this past month that I’ve been hibernating. Lots of funny things, and lots of boring stuff too.

There was a post on this blog that I wrote about internet passwords, and it was like candy for spammers all over the world. I kept seeing ads about blankets and fake jewelry (they said it was fake, at least they’re honest). I also got a few emails from “Sexy_amy who lives in your area!” … that got annoying really fast. What the heck is going on, Akismet?

Has anyone else here been spammed on WordPress? I used to have an open door comment policy on here, where anyone could comment about anything without having to sign in or have their comments verified. But then spammers took advantage. Weirdos.


How to Not Be in a Relationship

Let’s clear something up, if you are looking for advice on how to not behave when you’re in a relationship please refer to Cosmopolitan magazine. This is different. With Valentine’s Day coming up, people begin to make up feelings toward one another that go away as soon as you see each other without hair product. Few things can be as awkward as having someone, who you do not intend to start a relationship with, confess their feelings for you. Or the awkwardness of first dates. I’ve asked a question to several single friends for some time now, and there always seems to be a common answer after I push for a more truthful, not-afraid-of-being-judged, answer.

“For some reason, people always try to push others into a relationship. They try to set you up with people, and when they find out that you’re single, they feel some obligation to try to ‘help’ by giving you advice on how to find somebody. How do you feel about that? Would you like to be in a relationship with someone at this point in your life?”

“No, not right now. There’s lots of things I want to finish.”

“I know, right? Why can’t people understand that I’m happy like this? I guess it would be nice, but maybe later.”

“I don’t know, but that’s why I avoid going to family events. So I’m 27 and single; we live in different times, people!”

I was expecting an answer like that. So I rephrased it, and asked again. Eventually, I found a pattern. So let’s say you don’t really don’t want a relationship then. That means you’d avoid it, right? You might be shaking your head right now. Aha! So you’d consider it. The truth is, you are avoiding it. You may not be fully conscious of it, but ask yourself you’re doing any of the following things.

How to Not Be in a Relationship

Decrease your odds

Stay as close to home as possible, and refuse to meet other people. For example, let’s say you have a business and want nobody to know about it, what do you do? Don’t tell anybody about it! Have it there and available, but do not expose it to new potential clients. The same goes with you, the less you go out and meet new people, the less likely you are to end up in something you don’t want to be a part of.

Focus only on yourself

People who end up in relationships are usually those who want to share things. You don’t want that. Don’t worry about other people, just do your thing and let others deal with theirs. Be careful though, some people are attracted to those who show that they don’t need anyone else. My suggestion is to add a little bit of douchiness to it.

Count on fate

Some people think that they will be approached in a coffee shop by someone who is fascinated by the book you are reading and will propose there on the spot. Or that you’ll bump into a girl and help someone pick up her books only to make eye contact and fall in love. That usually never happens, so if you do that… you are likely to avoid a relationship.

Pretend to be someone you are not

Oh that works like a charm! Everybody dislikes someone like that.

Think that you need a relationship to be happy

For some reason, people who are always claiming to want a relationship in order to be happy don’t end up in one, so it may be smart to follow their lead and do what they do. Let’s see… what do they do besides watching romantic comedies by themselves while eating microwave pizza? They chase the wrong people, have low self-esteem, and feel sorry for themselves. Yeah, do that.

The end.

In case you forget, just remember DFCPT.. haha “DFCPT?” ok, that didn’t work out the way I was hoping it would.

Did I miss anything?

But wait, there’s more!

Its funny how a single decision in your life leads to many others, and they always make interesting stories. Meeting each other in a new city. Getting a job because someone dropped out, and marrying your cubicle-mate. What were the odds of that?

Why don’t you share your story? It can be funny, boring, embarrassing, or extremely cliché.

Instead of giving general advice that you can find in a free magazine at your taco stand, let’s hear some stories from real people in order to give hope to others who are searching and find it impossible to find somebody during these times as we approach a Hallmark holiday. I’d like you to:

  1. Share the story of how you met someone special. Type it up, it can be as long or as short as you want.
  2. Submit it on this website via a comment, the “Submit” page on the top of this website, or on your own blog and share the link on here.
  3. Read your own story along with the stories of other people on a story post to be published this upcoming Friday morning.

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