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46. Not knowing if someone’s baby is a boy or a girl

Ever bumped into someone on the street that has a baby in a stroller, or in her arms?

You take a look at the baby and realize: Wow! What a cute baby! And of course, just out of curiosity, you might want to ask questions to find out the baby’s age. Not a difficult task, right? Wrong!

What if the baby is too young to be able to make the gender obvious to the observer? And you know, sometimes mothers can be extra sensitive about these things. . .

A person might end up asking “How old is it?“, or “Is it a boy or a girl?” First of all, why do people even refer to a baby as “it”? Even balloons say things like “It’s a Boy!”. It? Well anyway, figuring out the gender of the baby is very important here, and no sometimes you cannot tell by the color of the baby’s clothes. We live in a changing society, people. Pink is no longer a girl color, and blue is actually a favorite color of many girls. Besides, a lot of moms decide to make it extra difficult for the rest of us and dress their babies in orange or greens and yellows.

If you really don’t know, just ask “Is your baby a boy or a girl?” and don’t take a random guess by saying “He is so cute!” and then hear the angry parent say “She is a girl!” This is an awkward moment I would rather avoid.

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