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23. When someone has a booger

While in a comment conversation with Bee, an important question was brought up: will you say something about it, or pretend it is not there? When somebody has a little green thing sticking out of their nose, it is hard to look away. It’s almost like when someone has a pimple, you can’t avoid it. It’s there, creepily looking at you.

It’s embarrassing for the person who is looking at it. The booger person has no idea why you keep doing a weird shift of looking at her nose, then her eyes, then her nose, then her eyes.. while she’s trying to make eye contact with you. If you have ever been in one of these situations, you probably know how things usually go:

1) You try to look away every opportunity you get.

2) After attempting to not look at it, you find yourself doing so.

3) It becomes extremely difficult to focus on the conversation.

If you pretend it isn’t there, it will keep distracting you. If you decide to say something, you have to deal with the awkwardness that comes after.

What is the best thing to do in this situation?

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