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#14 Pooping at a friend’s house

I hope your weekend was filled with a lot of  fun and awkward moments. You might have done this one recently actually, it is quite common. Read more

#11 When someone fails at parking

Of course, it is awkward if you’re watching it happen, or if someone is watching you attempt to park. Now of course, parking is extremely difficult for some of us; we might even park far away from everyone so that they don’t see us attempt to fit in a tiny spot that will likely take us 20 tries. Its a form of pressure that we feel to park correctly. Sometimes we begin to feel nervous and might even start sweating or just wanting to remove ourselves from that situation. Yeah, yeah.. I would just laugh and leave the car just like it is on the image above.

Then again, watching anyone fail at anything is awkward if you’re there watching the action:

1) Failing to properly remove change from your pocket and dropping it on the floor. “It got stuck onto something, I guess!”

2) Spontaneously dropping something. “So I was holding the cup and then it just, I don’t know …fell.”

3) When you’re trying to drink water from a bottle and you miss your mouth. “What? I only spilled a little bit.”

Simple tasks. Awkward moments.

How do you react when these happen to you?

#9 Farts

Even the word sounds awkward.


I was studying at the university library one day, and I was in a hurry because I was behind on my work, and I needed to go to the post office before it closed. I was at a table by a huge window, and couches next to me. On one of the couches, I could see a backpack leaning on it with a young man with his legs and arms crossed. He must’ve been napping. After some frustration, I took off my earphones and just stared at my paper for about a minute (it happens all the time) when my frustration got interrupted.

I heard a loud fart coming from the couch next to me. The guy tried to jump up and fell off the couch with a loud thump. Not only that, but he also spilled his water in the bottle and looked in my direction by using the couch as a shield and slowly creeping upwards to see the rest of us looking at him. He turned bright red. His own fart woke him up and scared him. How embarrassing.

The girl I was sharing the table with looked at me, and that’s what did it. I couldn’t help it. I tried really hard not to laugh, my attempts sounded like a mix between a cough and a sneeze combined with baby noises. Yeah, imagine that.

Of course, there are many different situations in which this could be more uncomfortable.


Imagine you’re in a car with only one passenger and then suddenly an unpleasant smell begins to surround the air inside the vehicle. Obviously, one of the two people in the car must have farted, but what is more interesting is that the person that didn’t fart knows he or she didn’t. And the person that farted knows he or she farted. You both know.


Or what if you decide to roll down the window a little in your car and suddenly a smell begins to penetrate your car. The other person might think that you had planned to air out the car after you farted. There’s no way of proving that you didn’t fart.

Of course, it is pretty hilarious to think about farts. Especially when they put you in uncomfortable situations, like when:

1) The old man waiting in front of you in line lets one rip.

2) When babies fart, and they find it funny.

3) When dogs fart.

People have been farting since the beginning of time, why haven’t we gotten used to it? I guess the thought of gas going from the colon to someone else’s lungs is a bit unpleasant to think about.


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