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Letters to AwkwardList: Singing out of tune

It had been a long time since I last checked my email and found some awkward stories you guys have shared with me via the Submit link on my blog, woo hoo! Here is a story from Anonymous, which I shall name “Music Flava Lava”. Here it goes:

Hey! I discovered this website when I was actually desperate enough to Google search, “How to tell someone that you don’t miss them”. I came across that little post of yours and it actually helped me in my situation. I thank you for that!

I write my own songs. There is a song that I wrote for my ex’s ex, Helen (we became friends for some reason… I guess I have more awkward moments to tell you about, but I’ll start with this one). It was a song for this guy that she was interested in. She asked me to write it and I did. It became her favorite song.

I saw Helen in school at lunch one day while I was with my other friends near the library. They had a guitar with them and they let me borrow it, so I started to play some songs. Helen walked over to me with her friend and she asked me to play her song, and that she would sing.

Uhm. This is when I started to hesitate. But I knew it was rude, so I just went along with it.

So I started to play the intro of my song and she excitedly watched me. She was fine on the first few notes and lines, but I didn’t get why she started to go off tune… like… big time.

For the rest of the song, she sang off-tune; like she didn’t know how my song went and she was trying to make up the melody as she went along. I didn’t want to say anything, so I wanted to sing with her to get her back on track. When I did, I realized it was a mistake. Her note was so far away from mine that I was the one who got embarrassed. Her friend was bold enough to tell me, “Uh, you’re not in tune.”

The song finished as soon as the bell rang. I had never been so happy to go to class in my entire life.

Thanks so much for sharing, Music Flava Lava! It sucks when you try to help somebody and people think that you ruined stuff. But it sounds like hearing someone sing out of tune can be even more awkward! Like at karaoke bars. Ever had to witness someone embarrassing themselves like that? Ouch.

What I think is EVEN MORE awkward is that you are friends with your ex’s ex. I mean, I guess you two have some stuff in common to talk about upon meeting each other, but seriously? Maybe its not as weird as it –wait, yes it is.

Signs that you’re getting older

There was a huge library clearance sale thing, where public libraries in the area decide to give away books on the cheap in order to make room for newer books, and I looked around but found no interesting reads.. just a lot of James Patterson’s novels. To be honest, I’ve never read any of his books, but one of my friends and I have a running inside joke about his TV commercials where he literally just holds his book and talks about it, so even though technically the book could’ve cost me around 16 cents, getting rid of it would suck. I don’t like to throw away books, but it is difficult to find someone to read them.

So I hopped over to the DVD section, I happened to see some boxes of VHS tapes on the floor as a 5-year old boy was looking at a Barney movie (the purple dinosaur). He looked up and appeared to be searching for his mother, who happened to be going through a box of books with the shirtless men in jeans (you know what I’m talking about, ladies), so I asked him if he needed any help.

“Is this a game?”

I tried to answer his question as I had the realization that it was his first time ever holding a VHS movie.

“No, its actually a movie.” I responded.

“Is there a DVD in here?” he asked, with his eyes lighting up.

“Actually, that thing is like a DVD,” I said, disappointing him, “except it needs a special DVD player.”

I know my explanation sucks, but he seemed to get it. When the mother was finished looking through the womanly books, the little boy asked if he could get one, to which she responded no because they did not own a VCR. “Is that a special DVD player?” the boy asked, I saw the mom nod as they both walked away.

I’m old.

But there were some other things that I’ve also noticed.

Vacations got shorter. People working full time get 14 vacation days out of a year. 


I actually heard some music that I liked in an elevator.


I do more work on my computer than surf the net for entertainment.


You can actually joke around with older people, and understand the jokes and more than 50% of the historical references.


Have you noticed any changes? 

Anywho, sorry I ruined your Monday.

Oh, and happy Monday!


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