100. The Awkward Hug

When showing affection gets awkward..

I understand, I totally get it; you want to keep pretending this never happens. Instantly after it happens, there is some sort of mutual understanding in place stating: we both know this was awkward, so we just won’t talk about it. Awkward hugs are really something else mostly because they are so unexpected.. hugs aren’t supposed to be awkward, but sometimes they are. Here’s how:

1. Someone’s phone vibrates during a hug. You’re all into it, and then suddenly BUZZ! BUZZ! And there is no true way of knowing which cell phone it was! Aside from completely ruining the moment, it scares the crap out of both parties.

2. A woman is hugging all of her friends in order, but you two don’t know each other and you wonder if she’s going to skip you. Some people really like to hug others. . so at the end of a party or a dinner or something when everyone is saying goodbye, they decide to go around and give hugs to friends.. and strangers? Sure, what’s wrong with that?

3. Leaning in the same direction during the approach. Wow, that one can get pretty bad. This is serious guys, picture this: your arms are extended, you two are leaning in.. but your head and your hug buddy’s heads are leaning to your right –at the same time. And slowly approaching each other. Its a hug, not a kiss, yo! Don’t be afraid to go cheek to cheek on this, just accept the love.

4. When you don’t know when to hug. This happens mostly when people are saying goodbye.. you want to give them a hug, but you don’t know when to do it. Usually someone breaks the awkwardness barrier by actually asking for the hug. Pheew!

5. Not being able to get a good position. Or good “form”. Like the side hugs, or those long distance hugs in which the arms aren’t bent at the elbow and the neck is super stretched chicken-status toward each other. And how about when your arm gets caught between you two? Yes, it happens!



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