105. Naked old people in the locker room

105. Naked old people in the locker room

They don’t mind letting it all hang out in front of everyone.

After all of my reasons for not going to the gym stopped working, I finally agreed to go to the gym with one of my college friends. I was given a three-day pass to test out the gym and decide if I wanted to become a member. Being my first time at a gym, I didn’t know how to “test out a gym”.. and everything just looked strange to me.

1. The machines looked intimidating. Every single on of them looked like it was meant to torture a specific part of your body, so why would people even wait in line to use them!?

2. Those dudes that hang out in front of the mirrors. This is the one reason why I hesitate to go to the gym.. those guys just look at themselves and check out (and yes, I mean check out) every guy that walks past them and at the same time estimate his body fat, weight, and fitness level.

3. Everyone looks extremely fit. I used to wonder why the people would go to the gym if they already looked awesome.. but then I realized that they looked great because they went to the gym.  Oh and then I noticed that not everyone there was fit.

4. Old people walking around naked. It came as a huge shock to me.. In my generation, showers in the locker room were stalls, and no longer the huge shower room with a bunch of shower heads; this did not involve having to see each other naked.

..I walked into the locker room, and I saw some old guy blow drying his hair in the nude. I quickly walked over to my locker, only to see another naked dude blocking the way.

Hey, its no big deal, styling your hair in front of a mirror while being naked is allowed in the locker room (changing rooms) of gyms all over the United States. But few people actually do so anymore.. and those are the older crowd, along with a few younger ones that recently discovered how liberating it can be.

I got used to a lot of the things about the gym since my first time, but not those naked people.

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  1. Haha…I used to go through the same thing when I went to the gym daily; naked men circulating the locker room. From that point on, I decided to just shower and change back at the house. Luckily, it was only a couple minutes from my house lol… Good luck with everything and I look forward to sharing more with you:))


  2. Hey there!

    Yes, it must be a generation thing! The elderly ladies tend to do this, as well. Probably not nearly as frequently as old men I’m gathering. The funny thing is, if we act awkward, then we are accused of not being comfortable with our own bodies.

    I wonder if those same people would like to visit a nudest colony. There is the one in Devore off the 15 fwy. One of my male friends actually spent some time there. I had to inquire over his experience. Also, when Bill and I went on our honeymoon, we hit a “nudest” beach. The only people participating were 90 year olds. Yeah, naked and beach just don’t work for me…there are too many crevices for sand to find. Ew.

    Lake Forest, CA

  3. I always wear my workout clothes to the gym and come home to shower. It avoids the assault on my poor eyeballs.

    Hilarious post.

  4. I don’t even like showering naked, so the whole idea of just hanging out with my lady bits out makes me die a little inside. This post makes me feel a little less guilty for not going to the gym today 🙂

  5. I’m all for showering at the gym after your workout, but why must people walk around naked? I mean, just throw a towel on…that’s what I do, and it seems to work out just fine. lol!

    Hilarious post!

  6. Edwin, where are you? I know you are studying and stuff…but you can still visit and make some comments even if you aren’t posting on yours! The Ahhsome neighborhood misses you and I want to add you officially, but I need some new material. 🙂

    In case you didn’t figure it out, It’s Sandi

    Lake Forest, CA

    P.S. I sent someone to your site the other day. He writes about some similar stuff. Thought he would enjoy your postings.

  7. The old ladies are just as bad as the old men when it comes to walking around naked in the locker room. They will stand around nude for a half hour or more after showering. They will carry on discussions about what grocery stores they like the best, or who they want for president, or show each other photos of their grandchildren while standing there nude.
    They also love to stand there nude blow drying their hair. And sometimes it’s not just the hair on their heads that they blow dry. I’m dead serious!!!

    I think that it’s the fact that most of today’s old women had nude group showers in gym class when they were in school? They had to get used to showering in front of female classmates and female gym teachers, and so they just stopped being embarrassed by it.

    I never once to a shower at school, but my younger sister was on a couple of sports teams in high school, and she did do a lot of group showering with her teammates. When we go to the gym together now as adults, my sister never bothers wearing a towel back and forth to and from the showers. If my sister is standing there nude in front of her locker and she suddenly sees a gym friend that she wants to tell something, she’ll just walk over to her friend in the nude to tell her. I could never do that!

    In fairness, it’s not just old women that walk around nude in the locker room at my gym. There are also plenty of girls and women in the 14 to 50 year old range that do it too.

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