106. Bumping into someone you have as a friend on Facebook, but don't talk to in real life

106. Bumping into someone you have as a friend on Facebook, but don't talk to in real life

Yeah. I moved away from my city right after I graduated from high school. Whenever I would come back to visit, I would bump into people I knew from high school all over the place. Even walking to the corner donut shop would involve someone sending me a text saying “Hey, I just saw you”. That’s acceptable creepy. But then I’d bump into more people at the donut shop. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t have them as a friend on Facebook.

You see, a whole new thing has developed from these Facebook friends. We read their status updates, and look at their pictures. We know if they’re married, single, or in a relationship. Heck, we even know what they had for lunch. We know what their favorite sports team is, what videos they watch, where they eat, what they think about the upcoming presidential elections, and we know if they’re still straight or if they turned gay for the second time.. the list goes on and on. Yet, you cannot consider yourselves friends in “real life”.

So whenever I’m out and about, I am bound to bump into someone I know from Facebook, but not someone I actually ever talk to.

“Hey, so uh, I liked your status the other day..” is just about everything I can say to these people.

So what should one do when they see a Facebook friend?

You can ignore, say hi, try to make small talk, pretend like you two are actual friends and act super excited around each other, greet and leave, or pull out your mobile and remove them so you won’t feel bad about ignoring.


What do YOU do in such situation?

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  1. And that’s exactly why I don’t do Facebook.

  2. Personally, it’s either greet and leave or ignore… Very funny article!

  3. This is why you don’t friend people who live in your town. Only people from other countries who will water your garden or poke your pet.

  4. And thus the reason why I don’t have non-real-life-friends on Facebook… 🙂

  5. Just say hi and smile. I love running into people, even if it is slightly awkward at first. You can always make an excuse and run off saying you have a bus to catch, lol 🙂

  6. So you’re one of THOSE people! lol I like that slight awkward feeling also 😀

  7. awkwardly-late like. but if there’s any place where the awkwardly-late like is acceptable, i guess this is it.

    1. Hi Jane!

      That’s hilarious, better late than never 🙂 thank you very much! I like your blog’s name, by the way.. it’s fun to say out loud for some reason haha


      1. Haha I agree, thank you for noticing!

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