My previous post titled “When you can’t tell if someone is male or female”, mentioned something called “The Look”.. and I just realized that The Look is present in many awkward situations.

1. Making eye contact with your dog while he is pooping.

2. When there is an awkward silence at the table.

3. When someone farts unexpectedly (during a good laugh, or a sneeze).

Nobody really says anything out loud, but these messages are telepathically transferred between people. It’s pretty funny. My favorite TV comedy show on CBS, “How I Met Your Mother”, makes constant references to this ability; to be able to communicate using only your eyes. Hilarious!

Does anyone else out there know what I’m talking about? Eh, maybe I am going crazy, haha!

Anyway, let’s look at some funny comments from you guys:

–From “When you can’t tell if someone is male or female”–

how about when you can’t tell if someone is male or female on the phone?

when i was a teaching assistant for a language centre, i had to call the parents every month to report their children’s progress. there was this parent who i couldn’t tell if he/she was my student’s dad or mum. i had their names but it was a genderless name. i thought it was the mother. also based on the voice on the phone, i was absolutely sure i was talking to her mum all the time. 8 months later, i found out it was the father i had been talking to all along. the awkwardness was unbearable when i found out that, as i had been addressing him as Mrs. and ma’am.




Haha!! Yes, this happens to me too! I’m the worst at trying to figure out if neutral people are male or female. In fact, one day at work a couple of months ago, I was speaking to someone for quite a while and said, “Okay, as soon as we have the complete amount of information, I’ll let you know, Ma’am”…only to hear on the other end, “Uh…I’m a man.”

So awkward.

-PCC Advantage

HAHAHA! That must have been extremely awkward for both of you. Thanks for sharing!


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