109. Unintentionally sexual stuff

It is not that immature..

During lecture, our professor was explaining an engineering problem:

“So the tube can slide freely along the rod, therefore there is no force exerted on the z-axis.. do you guys understand? It’s like..”

*This is the part when he made a circle with his thumb and index finger, and started sticking the dry-erase marker in and out of it.*

   “It can flow freely because there is no friction. Can you guys see this in the back?”

*In and out.. in and out, over and over again.*

We were all thinking it.. so we did what we had to do: we avoided making eye contact with each other in order to keep ourselves from laughing.

There are so many things out there that sound and look extremely sexual, but in order to act all grown up and mature, we avoid mentioning them. How many times has your teacher drawn out something that looks a lot like a penis? Or have you ever let out a moan or a grunt that sounds a bit sexual? I was reading an article on Huffington Post about the “Funniest Unintentionally-Sexual Books of All Time”, which shows pictures of book covers with some titles that one can easily question if they were meant to sound that way, and it shows what I’m talking about.

Some words have a different meaning now than they did a while back, I’m sure you can think of some (like the word “gay”), but there is one name that has  become both a proper noun and a common noun.. and a weird one at that –the name “Dick”.

I want to research HOW that name could have become another word for penis (along with the other word for rooster), but I’m afraid of what I’ll find if I Google such a thing. The book Moby Dick STILL gets some giggles! How come? I’m a little ashamed of the following, but I’ll say it anyway.. a couple of friends and I were introduced to a man named Dick a while ago, and here’s how the conversation went:

“Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Dick,” he said.

*We looked at each other. Followed by an awkward pause*

  • “Um, hi Dick.. I’m Richard, this is Edwin and that’s Mark,” Richard replied.

“Hey! You’re a Dick too, that is great!” Dick replied, referring to the fact that his own name was also Richard, but he went by Dick.

“Heyy.. you ARE a Dick!” Mark said to Richard, referring to something completely different (another word for jerk).

..and it just got more uncomfortable..

In the end, Dick did not catch any of those other meanings to the word/name, and I felt a little bad for not explaining it to him.. but maybe I would’ve just made things worse.

Super awkward.

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