#11 When someone fails at parking


Of course, it is awkward if you’re watching it happen, or if someone is watching you attempt to park. Now of course, parking is extremely difficult for some of us; we might even park far away from everyone so that they don’t see us attempt to fit in a tiny spot that will likely take us 20 tries. Its a form of pressure that we feel to park correctly. Sometimes we begin to feel nervous and might even start sweating or just wanting to remove ourselves from that situation. Yeah, yeah.. I would just laugh and leave the car just like it is on the image above.

Then again, watching anyone fail at anything is awkward if you’re there watching the action:

1) Failing to properly remove change from your pocket and dropping it on the floor. “It got stuck onto something, I guess!”

2) Spontaneously dropping something. “So I was holding the cup and then it just, I don’t know …fell.”

3) When you’re trying to drink water from a bottle and you miss your mouth. “What? I only spilled a little bit.”

Simple tasks. Awkward moments.

How do you react when these happen to you?


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