113. When it was you who left the bathroom stinky

So you just took care of business, you flush, and you begin to wash your hands. You look around instinctively for something, but can’t find it. You try not to panic.

I’m sure its around here somewhere..

You look around some more, behind the toilet, around it, in the drawers, the cabinet, THEFLOORTHEBATHTUBTHESINK  THEWINDOWTHETOWELRACK THATTHINGYWHEREYOU



Sometimes, you eat something that just happens to be a little more stinky on its way out… eggs, huge steaks, and chili are some of them. Stinking up the bathroom is a daily thing, we’re hardly pay attention to it, we only seem to care about it under certain situations.

Stinkin’ it up at the office- Sometimes you just know when toxic gas levels will reach a maximum, a slight temperature difference back there will give you a sign, as well as the pre-releases of smelly gases. But when you’re at one of those offices with a Single Rider restroom (also boringly known as a ‘one toilet’ restrooms), there is very little you can do to avoid getting one of these, I’d suggest bringing your own air freshener:

At someone else’s house- Pooping at a friend’s house is awkward, because you might leave a stink, there’s pooping noises, etc (click on the link above), but imagine using someone’s bathroom while at a house party. You open the door and whoosh.. a wave of stink comes out and invades the air in a silent but deadly way.

While at a public restroom– You know how grocery stores always have some creepy, hidden-way-the-heck-in-the-back, restroom that you finally reach after going through some type of maze? Those are usually single rider restrooms and since there is only one male and one female restroom, there is usually a line.

If you take a while because it won’t come out, you’ll make people angry. If you use up all the toilet paper, you’ll make people angry, if poop doesn’t quite leave the bowl, you’ll make people angry (hey, it isn’t entirely your fault!). Pshh.. who do they think they are? You just can’t win. Well.. actually I think you can make them pay for it for rushing you..

..By leaving it stinky.

Take that.

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