140. Throwing away a pizza box

140. Throwing away a pizza box

pizzaHow the heck are we supposed to throw them away? 

So the reduce, reduce, and recycle people say they don’t want our greasy boxes because then the toilet paper that they make from the paper pulp will end up cheesy and with tomato sauce and blah blah blah…

So they suggest we just throw it away in the trash cans. One problem, though:


How big is your kitchen trash bin? Does a pizza box fit comfortably in there?

Back in the dorms, pizza boxes would typically end up serving as a type of lid for the trash can and then the roommates would just start a tower of trash on top of it (then whoever tipped over the tower would have to take out the trash). Yes, we tried folding the darn thing, and it would just take up the whole bin and upon pulling out the bag from it, the box would re-open, tear through it and cause a mess.

Our best solution was to lean it against the trash can and take it out to the large bins outside separately.

Any suggestions?



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  1. Here on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, some tenants in my building have a tendency to sit those boxes on top of the recycle can — so someone else can figure out what to do with it. That’s classic New York attitude for you, Edwin.

    1. Haha when you don’t to deal with it, just pass it on, right? Hahaha.. oh, New Yorkers.

  2. Stomp on the things and make them smaller each time by folding, stomping, folding, stomping…

    Bonus: you work off a few calories (emphasis on the word “few”). 😉

    1. HAHAHA!

      A few calories..

      That’s too funny!


  3. Throw it right away… to the large bin outside….. I know, I feel lazy too. Then fold it and stomp on it, then. ^_^”

    1. Yeah.. going ALL the way outside.. nahh.. haha :p


  4. Tear off all the non greasy bits and put those in the recycling. The gunky bit that’s left might then fit in your bin.

  5. I box cutter those fools and put them in the trash! I never get a part of the box that hasn’t kissed the pizza grease of it’s former tenant. Also I get this joy from being super destructive. I Wolverine those boxes!

  6. I take it to the outside bin. Or rather, I leave it by the back door until I happen to be passing, then I take it to the outside bin.

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