Happy Birthday, Awkward List!

It is actually AwkwardList’s Birthday!

One strange morning, I decided to start posting all of these things that had been previously published on “Notes” on Facebook. It just occurred to me that most of these things were extremely awkward observations.

Early stories featured public restrooms, burping, sneezing and things that people typically don’t wish to talk about such as farts, pooping, and a bunch of other weird stuff.. which explains why the search terms that lead people to this blog look something like this:

Does that really say “toilet with chili”? Haha! I get a kick out of those things.

The stories kept on going until number 46. Forgetting someone’s name was published sometime in June and Freshly Pressed, which brought along many more readers and awkward ideas.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for reading these rants and stories, for the comments, and for letting me read your awesome blogs! I’ve made a lot of blogger friends here on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook because of Awkward List, which is why I’ve become attached to this thing (I only hesitated twice about renewing this domain and coughing up 17 dollars.. )

So here we are, after a bunch of posts, a ton of comments (mostly from myself), and many readers later celebrating the humorous world we live in.. it all makes me feel nice inside, almost like I want to puke πŸ™‚

Just kidding!

Thank you very much everyone, let’s keep the awkward coming!



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