147. Discovering that your story sucks. When you're halfway through it.

147. Discovering that your story sucks. When you're halfway through it.


You’re out with a group of friends and suddenly one of them starts laughing over something that you told her a while ago.

“Tell them the story! C’mon, it was funny!” she says to you.

“No, it’s lame,” you say, hoping she actually stops insisting.

“Do it! Alright guys, so here’s what he told me.” she tells the group.

So she starts telling the story and you interrupt right away because she is messing it up. Alright, maybe it actually is funny, you say to yourself. Besides, she won’t let it go. So you start the story, but the group seems like they’re not following along. You can tell they’re expecting somethingĀ grand! That sucks for them. Oh well, continuing with your story…

“So THEN, we realize that my friend had left the wallet in the back of her car!” you say, hoping that they will gasp or throw up from the excitement or something.


At least you’re not alone, your friend starts laughing and then you both realize that the rest of the group isn’t being entertained. So of course, one of you begins to explain why its funny, which really just makes the situation more awkward. Maybe you get one or two sympathy laughs, but it just not doing it.

Feeling really lame, you continue:

“So we called her up and guess who answers. Her boyfriend!”

“NO WAY” “Are you serious?!” “That sucks!” “What happened next?!”

You and your friend share a look, and then do the minimum amount of movement to make it seem like a nod in agreement. What you just said just saved you guys some serious time in awkward jail.

You see, in reality, it was her mom that answered and that guy picked up his wallet that same night. You just made up that part to escape. And then you finish of the story like a champ. Victory is yours!

Moral: If your story is dying, just start lying.

Have you ever been in a situation like that? Sometimes people choose the whole “being honest” thing and then when they see that no one else is laughing, they go with:

  1. “You just had to be there!”
  2. “I guess it’s more of an inside joke”
  3. “You guys don’t get it?”
  4. “Uh.. can I still be part of the group”
  5. *door slam*

Which story of yours gets the best response?

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  1. I do this ALL the time (surprising? no.) and usually just catch myself somewhere in the middle, say “this is a terrible story”…and then keep going. That’s like 80% of my blog too haha. The worst!

    1. Hahaha! I try to ride it out and act as if they’re the ones don’t understand a true high-quality story even though I know that’s just not true!

      So awkward!

  2. When I’m just being me and don’t think I’m being funny, and they’ll all be on the floor rolling , and I’ll be, huh? and they’ll say, it’s so you, Ren, it can only happen to you, and I’ll just scratch my head, bewildered.

    1. You have that ability of being funny without trying! Hahaha Ren, that is freakin’ awesome!

      You must teach me your ways šŸ™‚

  3. I like the moral to this story. I kind of take it as a thing telling jokes. I tell a lot of jokes and about 20% of the time they can fall flat on their face, but majority of the time, it was like the comedic gods came out and was like, “The time is nigh, young one, tell this joke now and they will love you for eternity”. So, for those brilliant moments, I think a few fails will do.

    1. Oh my goodness.. jokes that don’t work are pretty awkward. That’s why they have a drink minimum at comedy clubs and stuff, huh?!

      You gotta share some of these jokes šŸ™‚

  4. I’ve done this plenty of times; one time, when I saw that I was losing the group, I awkwardly stopped talking and looked down and away. I sat in silence for the next few minutes. Your term “awkward jail” fit my situation.

    1. We hear ya man.. That’s really funny though. Awkward jail.. haha that almost sounds sad!

      Let’s just make the most of it šŸ™‚

      Thanks Patrick!


  5. I have tons of stories. What always works is when I start laughing to the point of hardly being able to speak. People can’t help but laugh along. It gets them every time! šŸ™‚

    1. This happened to me today! Hahaha laughter is catching šŸ™‚

      1. There is actually something called laugh therapy. It is hysterical to watch videos of people doing it. šŸ™‚

  6. I reckon the best ending for a story that has lost its wheels is always “….. and so I found $5.”

  7. That happens to me a lot!
    Maybe I am not a good story teller.
    I start telling a story that’s supposed to be funny, and when no one even breaks into more than a perfunctory smile, and keep looking at me waiting for the punch line when it has already passed. I simply end up telling them that the joke has already ended. :@

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