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74. Falling asleep in class

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It is like torture!

Actually, I’m pretty sure it is. Have you ever seen those television shows where the cops are interrogating a suspect of a crime or something, and they keep the suspect awake in a dark room with a bright light shining down? …
The person usually looks tired, but they won’t allow a short nap! Staying awake when you are tired feels horrible, I would definitely spill my secrets in exchange for a nice long nap if I’m extremely tired.

One thing that I cannot get used to is that feeling when I am falling asleep in the middle of a lecture. My head begins to feel very heavy, I then begin to focus more on keeping my eyes open than on anything else. I readjust myself in my chair, rub my eyes, tell myself that I cannot fall asleep, but then something strange happens: I begin to convince yourself that a short, five second closing of the eyes will make me feel a lot better.


If you’re lucky, you will wake up on your own ten minutes later. If you’re not so lucky, the professor will wake you up.

It is extremely awkward to fall asleep in class. You risk many things, if you think about it.. drooling, doing the head-bobbing motion, and even snoring! And sure, your grades are at risk because you’re not focusing on your lectures, blah blah blah..

But the bobbing of the head! Who wants to be the center of attention by letting your head drop.. and then come back up, and then drop.. and then bringing it up once again. Everybody now! Let it drop, then pick it up! Yeeeah! Let it drop, then pick it up.. woo hoo! Get into it people! Someone give me a beat!

Let it drop, then pick it up.. Ooh yeah..


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    1. I used to wake up my sleeping neighbors in classes, but then they would just go back to sleep! I even left a poor girl sleeping in a classroom once ..I thought she had died for a split second.

  1. LOL! Ohhhmy, it’s such a miserable feeling to try to stay awake when our eyes can barely open! Been there, done that. But thank God I never actually fall asleep. Hahaha. This post is hilarious.

  2. I always feel sleepy during my commerce and economics lessons. Its HARD to stop myself from yawning and HARDER to prevent my teachers from noticing it. When it becomes impossible to keep myself awake for another second, I put my head down and excuse myself saying, “I’m sorry. I have a headache. Can I put my head down?” The teacher usually says, “OK.”
    Whats awkward is that he knows I’m sleepy and I know that he knows it.

  3. I used to fall asleep during the 2nd half of my Film Criticism class. The half where we’d watch a film. Think staying awake in class is hard? Try it in a classroom with all the lights turned off, when they’re playing some horrible hippy French movie! (I’m looking at you ‘Jonah Will Be 25 in the Year 2000!’)

    Making matters worse, Jonah… was the film I had to give a presentation on the following week. So I talked about the parts I remembered (i.e. lots of damn, dirty hippies and cocaine) and talked about made-for-TV Disney movies for the parts I couldn’t remember! A+!

    (I also had the satisfaction of classmates whom I didn’t know walking up to tell me how hilarious I was. Who knew sleeping could be so useful?)

  4. It happens to me quite often, even when i sit at the 1st row! Sometimes i just give up an let the professor watch me almost-snoring!! Pretty awkward i know!

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