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You got my name wrong, but I'll go along with it

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How many times has someone gotten your name wrong, and you felt a little forced to go along with it?

As long as your current partner isn’t calling you by his or her ex’s name, it should be fine right? Sometimes its fun to play along with it. How many of you can really honestly say that you haven’t given a fake name to the barista at Starbucks? My last attempt there: Sancho. And no, I couldn’t pull it off without laughing.

I think I’m used to it. My name is Edwin and I get called Edward, Edgar, Eduardo, Edmund, … the list goes on and on. I don’t typically say “Dude, you got my name wrong!” I just kinda respond to it and let it go. When you can avoid making a moment more awkward than it has to be, do it.

My sister started a new job, and people are barely starting to know her there –by “know her” I mean “know her name”.

“Cecilia here will be helping you out today,” her boss said to a customer. Cecilia? Uh, her name is Jennifer.

So what does my sister, Jennifer, do? She goes along with it to save herself some awkwardness. Of course, she opts to stay away from awkward stuff most of the time, like the majority of us, but sometimes it really follows her around. When she worked at a purple and pink-themed store at the mall where they only sell shiny stuff and poke holes on people’s ears, a younger girl translated something for her mom who had said something in Spanish. My sister is perfectly fluent in Spanish.. but she went along with it and pretended to be confused and decided to wait for the girl’s translation. Now that I think about it, I guess I would’ve done the same thing.

Well come on! What else are we supposed to do?

Hmm, glad I asked. Here are the things to say when someone calls you Cecilia (or any other name that’s not yours):

  • “Uh.. yeah, Cecilia will help you out.” *look around suspiciously*
  • “Yup, that’s me! Cecilia, Cecilia, Cecilia! How may I help you?” *insert huge fake smile here*
  • “Cecilia..!?” and make a dramatic scene. “Oh, so I’m ‘Cecilia’ now?!!!!?!?!?”
  • “Cecilia? Yay, I love that name!” And start doing the Macarena dance ( See below. Oh and ignore the dudes in the suits).

Let me know how those ideas work out.

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  1. We have an ongoing joke at work during the holidays, that we’ll only learn your name if you make the post-holiday cuts. Otherwise there’s just no point.

    I think it’s worse when you’re not a new employee. You call someone a name, and as soon as it leaves your lips, you know it’s wrong. And you both stand there, knowing what happened, basking in the awkwardness.

    That said, I once had a boss who could never get my name right, no matter how many years I worked for him:

    1. Well in his defense, his chances of getting it right increase by 40% by using “Mary” ..wait, what’s the most common name? Actually I think its Sarah.. Um, anyway! He actually called and asked for you by Mary? hahaha!

      Lauren is a very pretty name, by the way. Shame on him!

      Thanks Mary ..


  2. People sometimes misspell my real name (sometimes even on Facebook while it’s written in front of them) and then THEY get mad at ME when I correct it for them >_>

  3. First day at a New job the person training me calls me kaylee.. of course I go along with it to avoid awkwardness….. turns out she’s one of those people that likes to use your name in a sentence alot and now everyone thinks my name is kaylee. Dang it awkward if you do awkward if you don’t. Why must I be so passive haha

  4. My name isn’t spelled the normal way, so I’m used to having it mispronounced and spelled wrong. I’m used to being called Morgan on occasion, but being called Stephanie is new. New to the neighborhood, and the couple next door has been very nice, but today I realized that they are calling me Stephanie! Awkward! And I can’t bring myself to tell across the lawn to say “it’s Meagan actually!”

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