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You know you're a blogger when…

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How do YOU know you’re a blogger?

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    1. Hey!

      We all love to get comments, but whenever I post on someone else’s post and I see that notice I wonder if they’ll reject my comment haha! :p

      Your blog looks very alive! There’s no way you’re new :p Either way, welcome πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the comment,


      1. oh, i see what you mean. i got pending and moderation mixed up. i told you i was new. i started my blog last year, but it pretty much sat dormant until a few weeks ago. thanks for replying, sometimes you don’t get a response and you’re not sure if the comment was approved or not:)

  1. I am guilty of some of these, especially suddenly writing stuff down, and thinking about how I am going to write about something instead of concentrating on the thing itself πŸ˜€

  2. This makes me laugh. I know I’m a blogger because people I who I don’t think read my site come up to me and tell me they like my drawings… Or I had interesting insights on something I doodled about. I have discovered all my coworkers look at my site… So now I must be careful!!!

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