1. Not to mention, aren’t high-fives usually congratulatory? Wouldn’t that be kind of an awkward hello anyway? Hi! Hi! (High-Five) Congrats dude on seeing me today! :-/

  2. Um. Well I smile at almost everyone… and that gets me in trouble. I’m usually an awkward greeting hugger… and people I don’t want to hug I usually just grab a bunch of bulky things so I don’t have to hug them at all!

  3. Edwin- That is me- normally I go to shake a hand and the person turns around or something or I high five and the person is distracted so I awkwardly keep my hand up until they turn around and more awkwardly say with a nervous laugh, “You left my high-five hanging.” This results in either a forced and highly awkward high-five or the person doesn’t do it all and THAT is the MOST awkward of all. haha!

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