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Happy Anniversary, Awkwardlist!

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Is anyone out there?

So much stuff has happened this past month that I’ve been hibernating. Lots of funny things, and lots of boring stuff too.

There was a post on this blog that I wrote about internet passwords, and it was like candy for spammers all over the world. I kept seeing ads about blankets and fake jewelry (they said it was fake, at least they’re honest). I also got a few emails from “Sexy_amy who lives in your area!” … that got annoying really fast. What the heck is going on, Akismet?

Has anyone else here been spammed on WordPress? I used to have an open door comment policy on here, where anyone could comment about anything without having to sign in or have their comments verified. But then spammers took advantage. Weirdos.




  1. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve only had spam on the one post I did using a survey form thing, my really silly pointless survey, which was more trouble than it was worth and I keep meaning to take it down because it attracts some really nasty pr0n spam I could do without seeing. I don’t know why they don’t use Akismet for that too as it must do a good job. If I got that kind of spam on my blog I’d probably close it down.

    1. Thank you! So different types of posts attract different types of spam, it seems, huh? I haven’t really gotten porn spam just yet, but I have gotten some pretty crazy product advertisements from China/India. Man… :/

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