24. Dozing off

Your crush suddenly walks into the coffee shop, and notices you sitting there. She smiles, plays with her hair, and then begins walking in your direction. You can’t help at smiling and you begin to notice your heart beating faster. Yup, she’s walking toward you and is now standing by your table. She stretches her arm and begins to wave her hand . . right in front of you? Why is her hand two inches away from your face waving side to side?

“Hello! Come back to Earth!”

Suddenly your dream girl’s hand turns into your best friend’s hand, and the coffee shop turns into the cafeteria. And you’re back to reality.

“What were you daydreaming about? You were smiling.”

This happens to all of us, though our situations may vary in level of awkwardness:

Level 1. You’re with your friends and they wake you from your day dream. They consider it normal for you and joke about it for about two seconds before letting it go.

Level 2. You’re around people that don’t know you very well and they wake you up (like at work).

Level 3. You make facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, or disgust faces during your dream, which give a hint to the spectators about what you were daydreaming about and increase their level of curiosity.

Level 4. You actually verbalized your thoughts and woke up when you noticed you were speaking. I mean, if I heard you talking during your daydream I probably wouldn’t snap you out of it yet.

Level 5. You made hand gestures that reflect your daydream. This level is rarely reached unless a person is in deep daydream sleep.

Things can become especially awkward when you zone out while staring at something. .  or someone.

Some people claim that they do not daydream, ever. I’m not very sure if its true or if they just don’t notice it, I mean some people even do it while driving a car. Has your subconscious mind ever taken over? What level of awkwardness have you reached?

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