There have been an unbelievable amount of fake news articles all over the internet, that people mainly fish out of Facebook, and since I’m usually a fact checker, every once in a while I get a message with the link asking, “do you think this is real?” 

Usually, it isn’t. There have been images of an alien, a captured Bigfoot, an article on the many health benefits of weed and alcohol, and a guaranteed way to win the lottery. 

Did you guys ever read the one about how, in Texas, they approved testing on criminals on death row? Supposedly they would actually be of some use to society by using their minds and bodies for research. They even named someone with a fancy title in that state and quoted him stating that it was true. And people commented, and were glad. Some were outraged. 

I clicked on the source link, only to be directed to the exact same article, with a  different source link. Eventually I discovered that it was originally created as a satire. Wow. 

Do you guys even know how to internet?

Hahaha, for some reason I find it really funny how people are using nouns like that nowadays:

Do you know how to [insert noun here]?

Do you even know how to music?

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