Have you ever passed by someone out on the street who is asking for change?

I had a man come up to me with an empty McDonald’s cup, and I gave him my meter change. I had about 93 cents, 13 of that money was in pennies, and he took it out and counted it. He was like, “Yo, what’s up with that, man? You just gave me a bunch of pennies.”

I was with a few friends and we all looked at each other like, are you serious man? I’m contributing to your vodka fund, and you’re complaining?

I saw a bottle of alcohol in his pocket, one of those flat Smirnoff bottles, you know what I’m talking about?

There are many people who have made the streets their homes around here, it is a serious issue. I’m not saying that because it makes the city look bad or anything, I mean c’mon guys, I don’t care about looks.. I even wait for the rain to do my car washing; it is a huge issue because we have people out there with no home. They need help, treatment, and sometimes just someone to talk to.


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