71. Saying "goodbye" and then walking in the same direction

While standing on a sidewalk:

“Alright man, I have to get going. Take care of yourself, alright? And hey, let me know what happens with your friend’s uncle’s dog’s mom.”

“Yeah of course, I’ll see you later! Goodbye”

Uh oh, what’s he doing? Oh no. We’re both going the same way; are going to have to say bye again?

“Oh, you’re walking this way too?”

Well jeez, what are you supposed to do in such a situation? Has it ever happened to you?

Oh it happens to me, and I’ve actually gotten used to asking “Which way are you walking?” just to avoid that situation. But every once in a while I forget, and sure enough, it happens then.

The thing is that you’ve already said your goodbyes, so there isn’t much else to talk about afterward, you know? And then if you start a conversation again, you’re going to have to say bye once again.. or maybe something that is much more common happens; you’re getting reallyΒ intoΒ the conversation finally, and then the person you’re walking with suddenly stops.

Uh, why is he stopping?

And then you find out that he is going to head down a different direction than you, forcing you to stop talking.

And the awkward continues.

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