73. Meeting the parents for the first time

73. Meeting the parents for the first time

“Is my hair O.K.?”

Yes, it looks fine.

“YOU’RE JUST SAYING THAT! Do you think what I’m wearing is too much for the occasion?” 

It looks great, very appropriate.

“Are you being sarcastic? Tell me!”

Why do people freak out when they have to meet their partner’s parents?

I mean, are there any reasons to be nervous about it?

Yes. 5 of them.


5. You might be overdressed or underdressed – Imagine showing up at a formal dinner party wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. Sure, you can keep the mentality that they “must accept you just the way you are” but c’mon, dude, there are social rules of awkwardness out there.

4. It might feel like an interview – They might ask you about your goals, your career, your past, your views on having children, and if they’re feeling conflict-y, politics.

3. Dealing with inside jokes – Families typically have their own inside jokes, and guess what? You’re not a part of that elite group ..yet. You might have to do a lot of fake laughing and end up trying very hard not to let that confused expression take over your face.

2. They might compare you to his or her partner’s exes – Can you imagine? Yes! It happens! “Oh honey, what was the name of that one girl you dated before this one? She had really nice hair.. what was her name?” What can I say? Some parents are just awkward.

1. You KNOW that they will be talking about you once you leave – Enough said about that one.

So next time that someone asks you why you are nervous about meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, make sure you give them this list. But hey, there is no real way around it. Have you ever heard a person say “Oh don’t worry, I’m really good with parents”? Ha. Sometimes they’re just saying that.

But hey, even though things might turn out excellent for the night, please be aware that item number 1 on the above list will still apply. That’s awkward enough for me.

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  1. haha i agree with everything here but still i feel very fortunate with my current girlfriend’s parents, they like me and they really make me feel like i’m welcome. now i miss my girlfriend again…anyways thatnks for a very entertaining post!

    1. You’re one of the lucky ones, my friend. That’s really awesome.

      Thanks a lot for the comment!


  2. your post totally cracked me up. i think meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents for the first time is one of the two most awkward things in this world (the other is talking to your parents about sex for the first time).

    1. Yes, you know what’s up!

      Girls have always been nervous about meeting my parents, so I squeeze the situation a little bit and start saying things like “Oh and my mom doesn’t like the color blue, I don’t know why, she just doesn’t.. the last girl that wore blue, oh man, I better not tell you.” Even if they know I’m joking, they freak out.. it’s funny. Well, its funny until I’m on the other side of the situation.

      Glad you liked it, Exodus! Great name by the way!


  3. The awkward doesn’t stop at first introduction…it carries on to marriage and beyond…one day I overheard my step mil talking about my awful parenting skills. Talk about awkward.


    1. Hi Sandi!

      WHOA.. Yeah, awkward! Oh and hey, you have to give me some ideas to write about “marriage and beyond” hahaha


  4. I’m so glad I got to skip this part at least once. I was ten when I met my current BF’s parents. I can’t even remember how it went, but his mom is the only one that likes me. Really.

    1. What about everyone else?!

      Well, I guess that mom really matters most.. hahaha, just kidding (for the dads out there!)


  5. Okay, so all of the interview-y type questions, especially about the having-children ones totally freak me out! I don’t want to talk about that stuff if I’ve just met parents for the first time!

    But, I have to say that my family has a lot of inside jokes, so any boyfriend I’ve ever had has had to deal with that; it must suck. Feel kinda bad about it now. But not bad enough to call them up and apologise. 😉

    As for #1, yes, no matter how horrible or how well it goes, you KNOW they’re going to be talking about you the moment that you leave! It’s the worst.

    And totally awkward….hahah.

    1. LOL at the boyfriend’s comment! “Not bad enough to call them up and apologise” HAHAHA!

  6. Excellent post, made my laugh! Hate to tell you think but I’ve been married to my husband for almost 15 years now and the same anxieties still exist after meeting up with his parents/sibling – every time! Some things are never going to change, unfortunately…

    1. Congrats on the almost 15 years 🙂

      Just be like “Hey everybody, I am thebigfatnoodle and I am awesome!” and then BAM anxiety goes away. Guaranteed or your money back!

      Thanks for reading!


  7. Although it wasn’t her intention, my first “date” with my fiancee was Midnight Mass on Christmas, followed by spending all of Christmas with her family after. I’m glad it happened like that, actually, because I got to meet everyone in her life all at once, and it made the repeated questions (age, job, ethnicity) easier to bear.

    It is not for happy reasons, but it has just occurred to me that I have never had to meet a significant other’s father.

  8. Aaaaah!!! hahahahaha!!! I this they still talk about me when i leave his house!!!! hahaha!! OH! and there’s also the looks the family gives you.. they are scary!!!

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