75. Not knowing which armrest is yours at a movie theater

Has this ever confused you?

You would think that by now they would have a solution to one of the most common problems in society: Which armrest/cup holder is mine!?

It isn’t a simple question to answer. All theater seats have cup holders/armrests on both sides.

Maybe the person that invented the armrests figured that we, as a smart species, would be able to openly communicate with each other and settle this should a conflict arise. The problem is that we are supposed to stay silentย during movies. They even make cool creative trailer-type things to spread the message, so how are you supposed to talk it out?

Usually, here is how it goes:

1) You put your arm on the armrest and claim it

2) Without noticing, your neighbor puts his arm on it and your elbows tap

3) It’s awkward, so one (or both) of you remove it.

Oh well, I guess we are all going to have to claim it by putting our drink on it. Hey, that works! Problem solved.

But now that I mention it, I am really glad that they warn people to stay quiet during the movie because I’ve been around some pretty loud people.. though sometimes it is beyond their control. Yes, it can be pretty hard to stop a burp, stomach growling, or farts.


Speaking of farts and movies, let’s have a little fun and answer the following:

Describe your last fart by using only a movie title in the comments below.

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