77. Questioning if you should "Like" something on Facebook

“Tom Smith likes Magnum XL Trojan condoms”
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Seriously people. Condoms aren’t that bad to “Like”, since I am sure that we are all a very mature breed that accept that we can handle a conversation about sex without giggling, but this is a totally different thing: you’re announcing stuff to the world.

“Mary Jones likes Maxi Pads”
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But lets get down to the real business here, consider the following status update:

Ben Doodle
“My fish just died.. but he lived a long life.”

There are two things in that update that stand out right away; one bad thing, and one good thing. Its sad that the fish died, but it is good that he got to live a long life. Of course, you like the second part. Its just that our minds are trained to “Like” anything that sounds slightly good, even things as crazy as:

Jessica Lane
“I just took the HUGEST dump!”
82 people like this, 2113 comments

So when people started these made up petitions for Facebook to add a “Dislike” button, I thought of this situation. It can go wrong eitherย way. “You don’t like that my fish lived a long life!? I’m unfriending you!” So what do you do? Well first of all, try to look at how much feedback they’ve received on that update. If you see that people clicked the “Like” button already, by all means be my guest and “Like”. But no matter what, I always find it very awkwardย when I see something like this:

Ben Doodle
“My fish just died.. but he lived a long life.”
34 people like this, 1 comment
Ben Doodle: “What the heck, guys?”

This post was right, Facebook is becoming a very awkward place.

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