85. Someone wearing your exact same outfit

Uh oh. Run! Yes, some people actually flee the scene.

We were all getting ready to go out one night. People were buzzing in and out of our hotel room; the girls kept coming in to use our restroom because they ran out of power outlets and  blah blah blah..

“Hey Maggie, where was the –”

“I’m not Maggie,” an non-Maggie voice responded back, “We don’t even look alike, man.”

I suddenly heard a happy voice behind me, “Hey! Guess where it ..was..” her voice losing excitement and speed with every word.

Both of my friends were looking at each other. And I was quite confused, to be honest. My mind had a tough time processing that there were two tall women in identical dresses on either side of me. So after looking from side to side a couple of times (and making it more awkward), I decided to step out to the hallway in silence. In silence! The girls hadn’t said anything in five seconds, but it seemed like ten minutes.

Finally, “Oh, hahaha! Don’t worry, I’ll wear my other one.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it looks better on you.”

It took us another half hour to leave, but it could have been worse.. I came up with a list of things I could have said:

“Wow, did you two mean to do that?”

“Hey that’s awesome, let me take a picture!”

“This is going on my status..”

“Uh, yeah. You’re wrong, you do look like Maggie.”

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