92. When your elbow slides off the edge of the desk

Classrooms can be pretty uncomfortable sometimes. It takes a while for us to reach that level of comfort, that state where we can just spend hours and hours sitting and listening. Well maybe not hours and hours, but you get the point. I’ve seen people with blankets, seat cushions, and even book stands in the classrooms. The funniest thing I heard recently was the story of a guy that carried an individual battery-operated fan to set on his desk during class. I like it when people do what they want.. it gets pretty funny sometimes. Some of us more normal people are perfectly fine by finding our comfortable seating position. For some, it is by keeping our elbow on the desk, and leaning our head against our hand. Sort of like an awkward headrest.

You can expect no complications with such action; things are pretty normal for the most part, except when gravity happens. Your big heavy head (you know who you are) moves and it can set your elbow to go a little too far and slide off the edge. It catches you by surprise, and BAM! Hahaha! You must now pretend like you were expecting it. Of course, no one will believe you.. I mean, you practically freaked out thinking that your head would fall onto the desk without forearm support.. which I guess COULD happen, right?

Dodge the stares, people. Dodge the stares.

[Thanks Alexandra]

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