97. Forgetting why you went into the room

Suddenly you get up, walk upstairs, step into your bedroom and.. awkwardly stand there.

Darn it, you were comfortably sitting on the couch, thinking about something awesome while The Price Is Right is on television but now you can’t remember why you went up there. Well, its not like forgetting didn’t cross your mind (whoa, that’s confusing). See, here is what probably happened:

Let us assume that you thought of something that you were going to get. You got up, and you still remembered it. You took a few steps and you still remembered it. Then something else caught your attention as you were heading toward the stairs.

“Uh oh!”

You forgot where you were going.

“Oh right, I’m going to my bedroom.” you thought. And then convinced yourself that you would remember why you were heading up there as soon as you stepped into the room. Yeah, that is a very good technique and I use it all the time. I guess in a way I just hope that whatever I was going to get in my room just kinda jumps out and says “Yo, I’m over here!”

And it works sometimes. Don’t you sometimes walk in and just stand there?

You stand there and scan the room from left to right. You take a couple of slow steps. For those of us that are hardcore, we walk out of the room and walk in again, hoping our memory will work this time. Some people might attempt to retrace his or her thoughts (think of it as retracing steps, except weirder.)

There it is! You went to get your cell phone.

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