What is this website about?

This blog was created to openly express ideas about our everyday lives through careful observation and endless curiosity. It is a memoir of all of those situations that make you want to get away or wish for a replay button (or a delete button for those extra-awkward ones) created for everyone* in the world to read!

Where did the idea for awkwardlist.com come from?

An awkward moment always makes a great story to tell. Why not keep a record of it to share with your friends? That’s what this is.

Who is behind these ideas?

Readers are behind all of this mess. Oh, and written by me, WordPress user edwincov. Am I awkward? Nice? Weird? Sexy?, find out and click here. Oh and follow me on Twitter!

How do I join the #AwkwardList community? 

Interact. Share the posts with your coworkers, friends, neighbors, your pets, grandparents, ex-husbands, etc. Share buttons are conveniently located at the bottom of each post, just click the Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon or the Share button to tell people about the post that reminded you of them. Drop a comment, or share your ideas with the me! 🙂

Thanks for visiting!


*”Everyone” is referring to people with internet access, an understanding of English, some knowledge of common idioms, and a slight interest in humor and awkward moments including, but not limited to, moments of embarrassment, and uncomfortable situations which might include slightly graphic descriptions and ideas not commonly mentioned in everyday conversation.


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