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Traffic is seen on the freeways in Los Angeles, Calif., in July 2007. (Newscom/FILE)

To you, this is probably worse than most things: traffic. You approach the on-ramp and finally realize why it is going so slow. There is heavy traffic on the freeway.

You can get angry, or you can look out your window and watch everybody getting stressed out about it. Who likes to look at stressed out people anyway? Well then look to your right, and you’ll probably see a person picking their nose or the college student to your left is singing at the top of her lungs.

Imagine how a child would look at the cars from on top of the bridge and wonder what is everyone in line for? Think of how they might realize that the lanes look like slow-moving, multicolored snakes.

Interesting way to look at it, right?

Well, you’ve guessed it. I’m from Los Angeles, California. And yes, I get stuck on the freeway all the time. No, I don’t see famous people walking around, and yes I’m not far from Disneyland. Yes I am aware of the smog problem and no I have never been mugged.

My name is Edwin, a college student still learning about life through books, experience and math problems, and learning to enjoy every moment of it. I appreciate a ton of things! Sometimes I take forever to decide on what I really want to do because there are just too many awesome things out there. Conversations, watching people interact, books, documentaries, blogs, cycling, flying kites, helping clean out closets, buying things, antique shops, aspiring artists . . . Oh man, I could go on forever. To find out a little more about me, feel free to visit my personal blog on WordPress, or follow me on Twitter.

You might realize that I enjoy writing about things that other people like to address as unusual thoughts, but if you really think about it these things always cross our minds; we just don’t take the time to stop and stare at them for a while and find the humor in them. That’s what I do. Oh and I write them down.

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  1. Okay, you came to my board and I’m visiting. Love your material, but who are you? Your about page is the default template. With your mens restroom post, and freely open post about dog poo… I’ve concluded you’re male. By your e-mail, it looks like Ed? Or is it Edwin?

    I can’t wait to read more of your stuff. Hoping you tell us who you are, so I can get word out to my growing community! Once you start commenting on my board, They’ll be poppin’ in to visit you. We’re all “nosy” like that! πŸ™‚


  2. Nice! Hey, I’m in South Orange County- Lake Forest (between Irvine and Mission Viejo) Since you’re in L.A. what college are you attending? My husband is a graduate of UCLA. (Engineering) You mentioned math…so, curious.

    pertaining to traffic,next to Disneyland, my son said (when he was 5) “What’s wrong with everyone? They just all need to go faster!” There, problem solved!

    By the way, your link doesn’t work. Obviously, I would want to look at your other blog, as well.


    1. Oh cool! I attend Cal Poly Pomona, and yeah I’m studying engineering as well, so yeah, lots of math. πŸ™‚

      Your son is right! I lived in Colorado for a summer, and I noticed their “minimum speed” signs posted on freeways to keep everyone running at least 45 MPH. Why don’t they do that here?

      PS: I think I fixed the link. Thanks for that!

  3. I love your illustrations, especially the child and “multicolored snakes”. Very cute. I really liked reading more about you and by the way, i KNOW how you feel about lots of math. I am a double major architecture and business. I struggled a lot in Calculus 2..
    About knowing more about you. ME TOO, i am so eager to know more about who i am and what more i can do. I am trying a lot to discover more of me. I am glad we have some things in common.

    Nice meeting you Ed.

      1. Bathroom Friends! Haha that was a cool post.

        You’re on that journey too… to discover yourself. I’m interested in finding out how its going for you, and what brings you to it.

        Thank you for stopping by, I’m about to click over to your blog πŸ™‚

        Nice meeting you too Mary!

      1. Possibly! Honestly I bet no one thought that 1000 awesome things could have been made into a book either, but it had such a great response that it was, and became a bestseller! (Sh*it y Dad Says also got a book deal b/c it became so popular thanks to Twitter!) I guess it depends on how popular your blog gets (although not sure how many hits is considered “popular enough”——that is a sure-fire way to see if it can be turned into a book. Wait it out and see how it goes, it might just pan out that way πŸ˜€

    1. You’re new? That’s awesome! Welcome πŸ™‚

      I’ll be sure to check out your blog, I gotta say I really like the blog name. Thisthatandtheotherthang . . hahaha!

      Thank you,


  4. Hey, I’ve been a little busy all through summer long, so I haven’t got to follow up on the blogs I follow but WOW this site looks (trying to think of the best adjective) delicious! It’s like . . . watching a child grow up (haha now that’s an awkward comparison).

    I also wanted to say how flattered (Understatement of the Year) for featuring my post–I was practically freaking out when I saw it!

    Glad I’ve been subscribed with your blog since the beginning πŸ™‚

    1. Hiya!

      Thank you very much! πŸ™‚ And no problem, I had always looked around for an excuse to link you on a post or something, but I finally decided that I wanted more people to see your awesome post, so I stole an image from your site and linked it hahaha. I really like what you do, it is VERY awesome!

      Thanks for visiting buddy!


  5. Well Edwin, all I can say is you’re interesting now and you’ll only get more interesting with age…and perhaps there’s less traffic at the end of the rainbow or – prettier cars πŸ™‚

  6. One day, a brilliant person told me “You are not stuck in the traffic, you are the traffic”.. lets meditate about this..
    Yesterday, i was missing our conversations, and discovered by chance.. your blog!! πŸ˜€ When i’ll have time i’ll go through it and you’ll see more of my comments jaja!
    La bise de France (merci :-P).

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