Awkward Valentine's Day Cards

Looking for some Valentine’s Day cards?

The day is a little awkward, let’s admit that to ourselves. Guys must look all anti-macho walking around with flowers, or thinking of something cheesy to do, and girls are all getting depressed and buying more servings of cookie dough. Hallmark should’ve thought of some other thing to celebrate besides this awkward stuff.

You know, in Spanish, Valentine’s Day is referred to as El dia del amor y la amistad, which translates directly to “the day of love and friendship.” I think that makes more sense.

Oh well, as promised:

Awkward Valentine’s Day Cards

1. For the I-don’t-know-what to say person
Awkward Valentine Card

2. For the “Just friends? Yeah right, no one’s buying it” e-card

Awkward Valentine Card

3. For your next ex-boyfriend

Awkward Valentine Card

4. For the newly coupled (See: Valentine’s Day for Couples Who Just Started Dating)

Awkward Valentine Card

5. For the awkward people out there. Yay, us! 

Awkward Valentine Day

6. For the settlers (get it? No? Ok, nevermind.)

Awkward Valentine Day

7. For the bro

Awkward Valentine Day

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Attention all bloggers!

If you have an awkward date, get rejected, get caught cheating, over spend, break up, or end up in some uncomfortable situation this [or a past] Valentine’s Day, please share it with me and the people who accidentally stumble upon this site every day. You’ve probably noticed the awkward stories that get posted in the comments section all around this place, now it’s time to make them public! Don’t be scared to share, you get used to it eventually, trust me.

Awkward Valentine Day

To submit your story, or questions (yes, I get the usual “Is it disrespectful to respond to a text while on the toilet bowl?” advice question for some reason), just look for the link titled “Submit” at the top of the homepage and enter it into the form. If you’re too cool for that, email me at awkwardlist [at] gmail [dot] com (substitute in the @ and . ). Minimum 6 words, maximum 70,000 words. It’s the first time I ever try this so please send me some stories to work with, otherwise it’ll just get really awkward around here. And no, this isn’t exclusively for Valentine’s Day-type-stuff, general awkwardness is accepted.

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