Do you know how to alphabetize?

128. When you realize that you sing The Alphabet Song in order to know what letter comes next.

Happy Monday! It is time to begin the work week and look forward to Friday once again. Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so close to Monday? Freakin’ Romans.

One of the first jobs I had was to file papers as volunteer work for a teacher. I was in 4th grade. I still remember that they asked us to go over and help out, but only if we met one requirement. We had to be able to alphabetize. Of course I knew how to do it, it was back in the day when we actually had to know how to find a word in a dictionary. You guys remember those days, we would look up the word “sex” and giggle among ourselves, sigh.. those were the days. Anyway, the teacher gave us a bunch of sheets of paper. The instructions were simple:

1. Use only the blue folders

2. Ignore the word “the” if its the first word in the title.

The whole time, me and Stephanie (the chosen ones) were struggling until she wrote the alphabet on a red sheet of construction paper and we were able to use it as a reference. That’s right, we got smart.

Fast forward 15 years later, and I bump into the same problem while looking for a book on a shelf. It was organized by author, which pretty much in alphabetical order from the author’s last name. My shelves are organized by color at home, since I remember books by their covers (hey, at least I don’t judge).

You should hear me asking for help finding a book, it’s horrible.. I describe the cover and what I “think” the book title sounds like.

I needed to find two books. One by Mitch Albom (that was easy), and one by Eckhart Tolle. Yes, I happened to know names of these books, otherwise I would’ve described them as:

“One of them is small, beige with a red border, red letters and tiny image of a Ferris wheel, and the other has a huge 3-letter word in the front, and its cloudy green and yellow-ish.”

But by looking for the last name “Tolle” I came to a realization:

I always sing the Alphabet Song in my head to figure out what letter comes next.

It sucks for the later letters, because then you have to sing the whole thing:


Yes, with the pauses and everything.

Whatever. I still know how to alphabetize.. thank you, kindergarten.


Thank you, all! When I logged into WordPress this weekend, I noticed this awesome thing on my notifications, 1000 likes!

Who was it? Yes, I tracked it.. It was… drumroll please……. Ā Meghna, from The White Marigold!


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