Election Results Awkward for Fox News

Election Results Awkward for Fox News


Fox obviously had a favorite.

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  1. hahahahahhaha perfect post. Lollercoaster, for real.

    1. Thank you! haha i just HAD to share that 🙂

    1. HAHAHA thank you for that! that is so true.. its a news network! Why do they do this? Too funny!


    2. And CNN and MSNBC are no better at showing their favoritism. It just goes to show that media is no longer unbiased. It is a very sad state for the world. They contiually divide this nation; sending it headlong into failure.

      1. It’s terrible. It’s the exact same here in Australia. I studied journalism at university, and at the end of it I was so jaded by the monopolisation of media and the political aspects that I didn’t even up pursuing a career in it.

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