Got me the first time..

Got me the first time..

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    1. Like when you read something like:

      “The weather is hot so please do bring your umbrellas” and you actually read “…DON’T BRING..” Agh!

  1. One of the reasons I use WordPress–they catch that stuff–usually.

  2. I read over the extra “the” how interesting we do that. (and I missed the extra when! Geeze!)

    Where have you been lately? I want to add you to the neighborhood, but you haven’t been as active lately. (or have you?)

    Hope all is well! So, what college to you attend?

    Lake Forest, CA

    1. Yup, I’ve been away from computers for six weeks for a class in Santa Monica, but I’m from Cal Poly Pomona (State Univ.) Thanks for the comment, Sandi!


      1. Oh, I know where- I grew up in Covina. Just over Kellogg hill. I also lived in the apartments across the 57freeway from Cal Poly. Phillips Ranch. So, you’re not in LA- like UCLA or USC. Well, glad your class is done! Good luck on the next one that starts…

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