How to Eat Chocolate Forever

How to Eat Chocolate Forever

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I once read a post from one of you guys about how to pronounce the word “chocolate.” After thinking about it so much, I can’t remember how I say it. What’s the right way?

Is it choc-O-let, choc-O-lit or choc-clit?

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  1. My Dad will pronounce like choco-leyt, ~lol~

    Choc-let, that;’s mine. *_*

    1. Choco leyt,, haha I like it! One of my friends got used to saying choco-later. It was funny, then it got weird. lol

  2. That moving picture. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I must learn that one day.

  3. Never liked the stuff, so I never gave it much thought. But, just for, I went to the dictionary and here’s what I found: chaw-kuh-lit, chok-uh-, chawk-lit. Does that help.

    But I bet you say it differently when you have your mouth stuffed full of the gooey stuff! Must sound more like chaw-wit. 😉

  4. I have now over pronounced it my head. And now I think I sound weird saying it like
    “chaka-let” and now I can’t correct it.

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