Making eye contact with someone who just took a huge bite of food

Making eye contact with someone who just took a huge bite of food

So I was walking around town looking for something to eat, since I left my neatly-packed lunch in the fridge.

Since I wanted something quick and I didn’t want to look like a lost tourist with their phone out Yelp-ing stuff, I ended up walking into a coffee shop for a quick sandwich. A sandwich that costs $9.40.

For a sandwich.

But that’s beside the point. I sat down, checked the sandwich for even sauce distribution and took a huge bite. The bread was kind of hard, so it crunched and it hit the top of my mouth but I played it off okay. Suddenly, the attendant woman comes up and asks if everything is tasting okay.

Since I was already struggling with a big bite of food that was hard to chew, I couldn’t even nod!

Why do they always do that. Of course, many servers understand to avoid that and walk away telling you to let them know if you need anything, but some actually wait around because they think you’re trying to tell them something.

That something was “leave me alone, please!” but she wasn’t getting it.

Eventually she heard the little bell at the top of the door ring that another customer was coming in, so she left me alone.


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