Maybe it was a dream

126. That awkward moment when you can’t remember if something was a dream, or if it actually happened.



Every once in a while, the place I am in suddenly seems very familiar. Sure, I could’ve been there a billion times before, but something different feels extra familiar to me at that specific point in time. Maybe the way I held the door open for someone, or how the books were set up on the bookshelf of the coffee shop. I don’t know. Maybe I dreamed it. It’s called Déjà vu. People have their own thoughts on what it actually is, and some of them say that it involves predicting the future through dreams or thoughts. Others believe that we’re all dumb for thinking that. Ok, maybe not “dumb” but… “not logical”.

That in mind, sometimes we’re telling a story to our friends, and want to mention something that happened (or “happened”) but we hesitate because we cannot be sure. And the realization always happens mid sentence.

“Ha! Like that one time I once finished a whole slice of pizza, you know, the big ones from Cici’s deli,” you tell your buddy.

“No way. You did?” your friend asks.

“Yes, you were there with–” you state, interrupted by your own questions in your mind.

Then you wonder if there was someone else there with you, if your friend doesn’t remember, if it was one of your dreams, or if you came up with a lie once and are somehow mentioning it because you started to believe it yourself. Ever had that happen to you? Its the trippiest thing that can happen to a human being! You go back, and try to think REALLY hard if it really happened. Impossible.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, man,” your friend responds, “are you sure it was me?”

And then you just sit there. Confused.

Just let it go.



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