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suit up
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What’s your catch phrase?Β 

You know, that one thing that you’re always saying.. that eventually all your friends start saying because of how often they hear it.

Here are some of the common ones:

Obviously. I totally agree. To be honest. So rad. Legit. Your mom. Fools. At any rate. Freakin’. Totally. Definitely. Oh, I see. Really? That’s funny. Awesome. So random.Β 


Everyone has their own thing that they do that identifies them as them. It might not be a phrase, but maybe an action. A certain way they smile or react to something, or even a distinct tone or accent works.. and its what those people that imitate celebrities and cartoonists take advantage of to do their work! Its always a bit weird thinking about ourselves like that..

If someone was to impersonate you, what would they do or say?

Its awkward just seeing ourselves do the things we do! What do you think about when you’re watching yourself on a home video? I bet you go straight to thinking how weird you actually sound, and wonder why your parents ever let you out of the house with a voice like that. Ugh, ever hear yourself in a voice recorder? Not cool!

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