No, you ask!

No, you ask!

No, you ask!

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  1. You should never be afraid to ask for hot sauce! 😉

  2. For true hotties, they never leave home without it!

    1. They should make hot sauce holsters

      1. Good idea! I use a metal cylinder sold for nitroglycerin heart pills.

      2. that would be rad! Mine would have to be big enough for the Rooster sauce. I forgot the true name of it, but it has the Rooster on the front and everyone knows what it is…

        1. Sriracha?!?!!!! Hahaha my friends call it chicken sauce, your guess is closer :p

    1. Hahaha! Happens every single time.

  3. Well, it is a little awkward if you want to ask someone how they lost their leg, or why they limp. that’s what kids are for, they ask whatever is on their mind (and we act appalled, but meanwhile are curious ourselves- yeah, why do you wear an eye patch?)

    1. Kids are awesome for that haha.

      And that’s a good idea for a future blog post! Thanks

  4. Here in New York, we’re not shy about asking for anything, but often the hot sauce is already on the table.

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