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1. Being on a pretend phone call and getting caught

Isn’t it the thing to do when you are in an awkward situation? Picture this, you…

Awkward Family Holiday Parties

Did any of you guys go to your in-law’s home for the holidays? Was it…

Being around that one person who always seems to have body odor

This post is not meant to be mean. But seriously. A few years ago, I…

When your spoon gets swallowed up by your soup

Have you ever been eating soup all relaxed, or maybe during a first date (so…

158. When no more plates fit on your table at a restaurant

Have you ever considered asking the table next to yours if they’re going to use…

Ever wonder who divided the regions in the United States? Why does it look like this?

  Someone please tell me! 

158. When your friend is being confrontational and you don't know what to do

I was sitting outside of a study room back in college eating with a very…

157. When someone lies to you and you know they're lying

Special note for bloggers at the foot of this post. Not long ago, I asked…

156. That moment when you realize you gave the wrong directions

I was walking around the northwestern part of Mexico with my cousin after getting some…

My dog makes it awkward at dog parks

So I took my dog to the dog park the other day. There he is…

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