Peeing next to someone at a urinal

Peeing next to someone at a urinal


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  1. I have no idea. Normally, how many urinals are there in a public toilet,?

    1. Usually 2-3. Larger places have more, but peeing right next to someone is awkward! There’s always that one guy that will use the one right next to yours.. Haha

  2. I draw bathrooms up a lot for work! When I do I always use a divider between urinals, because if I were a guy…. I would not be hip to this 🙂

    1. We thank you! Thank you thank you!

      Have you heard of the peeing tub at Dodger stadium? So uncomfortable..

  3. i always get paranoid that they be trying to check my partner out I only use the urinal if I know I’m going to be alone in the bathroom 😛

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