So you're about to brush your teeth…

So you're about to brush your teeth…

…and the toothpaste falls off your toothbrush and lands on the sink.

What do you do?


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  1. Ahhh, I hate when this happens! I totally wash it down the drain and get a fresh blob squeezed out onto the brush. And then I mourn the loss of what would have been a very prosperous blob of toothpaste…

  2. If it’s the sink at home where I know who uses it…… ~_~ ” ….. I’m still healthy, nothing happens, and I have perfect teeth, so says my dentist. …. Alright, I know it’s gross. I guess I’m just thrifty. * sweats*

    1. I do the same thing, hahaha. All these people wash it away and i just scoop it up and use it!

      Every blob counts 🙂

      Yay I’m not alone!


  3. Ick definitely wash it down the sink and start fresh! Bathroom germs freak me out even though I’m the only one using my bathroom! 😀

  4. First I get annoyed, second, utter an all purpose curse word starting with the letter “f” and third, wash it down the drain.

  5. just scoop it up and brush your teeth like nothing happened 🙂

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