The Awkward List, Page 2

The List of Awkward Moments:
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21. First dates
22. Public restrooms
23. When someone has a booger
24. Dozing off
25. Silence in a crowded elevator
26. Tripping and falling
27. When your credit card declines
28. Bumping into an ex
29. When someone tells you that they miss you (and you don’t miss them back)
30. Making people repeat themselves
31. Getting rejected
32. People speaking a foreign language around you
33. Getting hit on
34. Getting locked out of your home
35. Angry customers
36. Laughing when you’re not supposed to
37. Questioning the spelling of a commonly used word
38. Looking at the dead guy in a movie
39. When you really have to pee
40. Saying “you too” at an inappropriate time

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