7 Things To Do When Things Get Awkward

What to do when confronted by an awkward moment:

You can be the most normal person in the world, but awkward moments can and will still happen to you. What you do afterwards can either make the situation better or more awkward. Let’s look at some good tips to follow when under these situations. In order to enhance your experience, please play the following song while reading this post.

Are you playing it? It’s the Benny Hill theme song. Oh yeah. Without further ado, let us begin.

Hug it out.

Handshake, high five, hug, slap? If there is any confusion about what’s gonna happen, just grab the person and embrace the crap out of them.


Mentally cuss out the person who did this to you.



Make the other person look like the jerk.

You’re going to give me a high five whether you like it or not!


Know when to walk away.

Sometimes there is no pocket.


Blow a kiss.

Even if she’s turning around.

1233823475_the clintons kissing fail

Use your imagination.

Anything can happen.


Own it.

Go big or go home.

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