4 thoughts on “When someone gets offended

  • I don’t recall a specific situation where I accidentally offended someone, but some people are just too sensitive towards jokes that may touch their personal lives (like abortion or dead baby jokes for example) even though the teller didn’t know their background story.

  • I’ve found that it really depends on the context. I’ve heard some really hateful “jokes” that sound like the person is actually a bitter bigot, and when someone calls them out, they go “OH LOOK SOMEONE WHO CAN’T TAKE A JOKE”. Otherwise, I’m ok with jokes that play on stereotypes in a relatively harmless way, like “Asians are super smart” “women have 50000 names for the same color”.

    To answer your question…one time I was playing Apples to Apples and for the adjective “hysterical”, I gave the judge the noun “feminists”. This was apparently not a good idea.


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