When someone uses the bathroom stall next to yours

When someone uses the bathroom stall next to yours

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  1. Got to be that… unless a peeper designed these things.

  2. It’s so the water has someplace to go if the toilet overflows. Wouldn’t surprise me if the cost of aluminum is taken into account too, though if it was that bad we’d be able to see each others’ heads over the walls.

  3. Cost of aluminum.. yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised either.

    The opening at the bottom is there to make it easier to clean (in case of an overflow or something). I guess the others are just other side benefits.. One option I was thinking of is what if farts are denser than air and therefore sink, so having that opening makes it easier for the stink to escape? lol


  4. This is always less awkward for me and more for the person sitting next to us. Usually, I’m accompanying my potty-training daughter who asks obnoxious questions about the person in the stall next to us….”Mom, why does that person stink so bad?” or “Wow! Her feet are fat, mom!!!” Inevitably, we’re all up at the sink washing our hands and women are scowling at me and my kid. That is awkward. 🙂 BTW- I have a post running tonight about FB Statuses- and you should get a pingback on your funny “Like” button angst post. 🙂

  5. What’s really awkward is when you’re in a stall and the person in the stall besides you starts groaning (or even weirder, singing) in the one beside you. That happens at church sometimes…

  6. I want to know what song you could possibly sing on the toilet. lol.

  7. Maybe I should belt out ‘It’s Raining Men’ next time I’m using a public restroom.

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