When Texting Gets Awkward

When Texting Gets Awkward

Texting can get very awkward very fast. It might have something to do with how tough it is to convey tone, or maybe just because as soon as you press “Send” there is absolutely nothing that can stop the darn thing.

Check out the following:

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  1. Texting is the only way I can reach my nieces and son. The small keyboard makes it very hard for me to type any message without typos. Plus it takes forever.

    Your post hit home BIG TIME! 🙂

  2. I am a total text over analyzer. I am always like is this what I want to say?!?!? Is it concise enough? If it’s long is it going to send out of order? Is that word spelled right?

  3. I have a bad habit of texting when I’ll not all “compus mentus” and can hardly see straight and want to be philosophical – my friends love it!! It’s also great to read how important things were during the party you can’t remember. ( oops – admitting to a wild side am I? )

  4. I know what you mean. Sometimes I get caught in excessive texting then I pull back & call the damn person to get clarification (or just to speed things up & save on my data plan).

  5. Haha. Spot on!
    What about the awkward text when you make a joke, they dont reply for 5 minutes, and you wonder if they just thought you were being mean….

  6. Oh! I didn’t know people added “lol” at the end of arguments to make them sound nicer. Any time I use it, I actually mean it! “I’m cheating on you lol = I’m cheating on you and I find this to be hilarious! Sucker!” Now people probably think I’m a passive-aggressive jerk when I actually laugh at everything!

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