Woo hoo!

Hi, how are you?

People don’t even take that as a question nowadays. You reply to a “how are you?” by saying “how are you?” and even though the question got asked twice in the matter of one second, nobody answers it.

Anyway, onto why I’m really here today: the blog has hit the 1000th Comment!

Who was it? Author of an awesome blog, one by a person that believes in chasing your dreams and the importance of focusing on the happy aspects of your life. Travel photographs, things about books, stuff about movies.. You’ll find it all.

Here’s the comment, posted on “87. Not being able to find the sleeve on your jacket”, by T.B.M. author of 50 Year Project. Check it out!

“This happened to me the other day. I was trying to put my arm through the hood. I wasn’t in class, but at a tennis match at the US Open. I was trying to be quick so I wouldn’t block anyone’s view of the court. I’m hoping it isn’t on youtube.”

Talk about awkward, hahaha! Thanks, T.B.M.!



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